... creating something unlike anything in Athens music now, or probably, ever.
— Gabe Vodicka; Flagpole Magazine



"... to our knowledge, this is the first time we've heard a totally commercial artist pop up out of nowhere with the potential to hit it big all over the world." - Baby Sue

Pip the Pansy (formerly known as Wrenn) is the freshest Rainbow Pop artist to come out of Atlanta, Georgia. Unapologetically authentic and armed with a voice that can be sultry, lilting, playful, or bold, Pansy has marched onto the scene with her own quirky confidence. 

In true renaissance form, she is the creative mind behind everything she does. Her immaculate sense for aesthetic is apparent from her self-produced artwork and videos to the bubblegum-chic outfits she wears on stage. An accomplished photographer, artist, model, and classically trained flutist, Pansy first stepped onto the stage in 2014 and devoted the following year crafting a sound and look that took her from unknown to headlining act at the historic Georgia Theater.

In late 2016 Pansy travelled to Matchbox Studios in Austin, TX where she worked with producer and artist David Butler of MISSIO to create her latest release, Royal Blue Daydream (Nov 10, 2017). It was with this release that she officially retired the name “Wrenn” and bloomed into Pip the Pansy, a name that would better suit the playfulness, imaginative spirit and colorful personality of her new music. 

The Royal Blue Daydream EP “acts as an explosion of personality and positivity, quickly pinning Pansy as a fun and well-versed persona in a pop world sometimes lacking diversity” (Atwood Magazine). The EP includes songs like “All My Friends Are Animals” which has been described as “an anthem for introverts” and title track “Royal Blue Daydream”, a charming commentary on screen addictions. 

From dreamy flute melodies, explosive synth hooks, and lyrics rooted in her deep awareness of life’s brevity, Pansy proves she is more than your typical pop artist. She is a dynamic force of nature and continues to turn industry heads with her visual command, and an overwhelmingly joyous presence.

PTP’s “Apathy & Good Books” perfectly embodies the eclectic, retro-pop style that she so effortlessly executes, leaving listeners waiting with bated breath for more.
— Emma Korstanje; The Red & Black
Think Adele-lite meets McCartney’s first solo album.
— Power Popaholic
... to our knowledge, this is the first time we’ve heard a totally commercial artist pop up out of nowhere with the potential to hit it big all over the world.
— Baby Sue
...the hilarious, bubbly queen of [Athens] pop.
— SeeingTrees Music
... her beautiful voice soaring like a legit future Grammy winner in the making.
— SubAp