Pip the Pansy (formerly known as Wrenn) is the freshest new Rainbow Pop artist to come out of Atlanta, Georgia. Her song-craft has the polish and drama of a writer twenty years her senior and she’s armed with a voice that can be sultry, lilting, playful, or bold.  A visual arts graduate of The University of Georgia, her immaculate sense for aesthetic is apparent in everything she does from her self-produced artwork and videos to the bubblegum-chic outfits she wears on stage. Her music can be B-52 quirky, Beatle melodic, yet fresh to the ear and her performances are nothing less than a star-burst on stage. An accomplished photographer, artist, model, and classically trained flautist, Pansy devoted the next year crafting a sound and look that took her from unknown to headlining act at the historic Georgia Theater in Athens. With her latest release, Royal Blue Daydream, Pip the Pansy continues to turn industry heads with her prolific writing, her visual command, and an overwhelmingly joyous presence.





POP CRUSH / "Overboard" video premiere

ATWOOD MAGAZINE / "All My Friends Are Animals" premiere

LA ON LOCK / "Breathing Fire" video feature

"... creating something unlike anything in Athens music now, or probably, ever." - Gabe Vodicka; Flagpole Magazine
“... to our knowledge, this is the first time we’ve heard a totally commercial artist pop up out of nowhere with the potential to hit it big all over the world.” - Baby Sue
“...her songs land somewhere between charming whimsy of Yellow Submarine, the quirk of Athens’ healthy indie-pop history, and the hooks that make giant hits. ...she’s poised to be the Southeast’s next big thing.” - Anna Chandler; Connect Savannah