to my fireflies,

    i am not really sure what i would be doing right now if it wasn't for you. because of you i am able to pursue my dreams. I can't find a word appropriate enough to express just how grateful i am for this opportunity that you have allowed me… because my gratitude is beyond words. not only have you blessed me with the funds to create an album, but you have also believed in me and what i am doing. it is every single one of you that pushes me to work harder on this dream each and every day. please know that i will be forever grateful for what you have done for me. i will forever be singing your praises. thank you so much. this album would not be happening without you.




Jen Angier

Cameron Armstrong

Kensie Arnold

 Tom Ashcraft

Sherri A.


Katie Back

Callie Bartos

Larry Basel

 Donna Benz

 Kayla Camille Berrie

Connor Blackwell

Stephen Brown

Christina Budd

Katie Budd

 Kristen Detwiler Budd

Julie Byassee

Michael Caldwell

David Ethan Carlisle

Payton Sarah Chapman

Angie Chattin

Jana Clift

Sallie Cook

Margaret Coury

Kathy Crites

Mary Crowers

Dot Dannenberg

 Laura Reeves Dannenberg

 Leah Dannenberg

Stephanie Davis

 Debbie Denhard

Kevin Dorsey

 Katelyn Dunn

 Ethan Dursee

Judy Eason

Mike Eason

Shelby Eggars

Melissa Elizabeth

Connie Estes

Katrina Falke

Renato Britto Ferreira

Emily First

Joan M Jacobs First

Adam Forrester

Brianna Futch

Cheryl Galluzzo

Jake Gaustad

Ben Goldberg

Micah Goldberg

Rayla Goldberg

Schafer Gray

Brooke Graham

Geoffrey Graybeal

Deborah Gustafson

 Rebecca Lane Henry

  Shelley Henry

Maria Janebo

Aimee Johnson

 Rachel Kopel

Steven Lameier

Laura Lazar

Eric Lee

Glenn Lipton

 Jill Lipton

Stephanie Lopez

Hailey Lyerly

Peter McKenna

MJ Marcks

Ashley Mensah

Jim Micali

Tyler Miller

Katie Monson

Kelly Sewell Mozena

Chris Myers

JC Nash

Caroline Noonan

Stephanie and Anthony Notarthomas

 Annamae Notarthomas

Anne Notarthomas

James Notarthomas

Jon Notarthomas

Kaylea Notarthomas

Mary Notarthomas

The Olsons

Andrew Orr

Sandy Sauder Orr

Michelle O’Shea

Michael A. Pabon

David and Carol Padgett

Rachel Pack

Anthony Pellizzeri

Bonnie Pennington

Logan Porter

Matt Porter

Terri Thaxton Porter

Michelle Postman

Brandon Quarles

Katie Ann Reed

Bree Riley

Lynn Riley

Ryan Riley

Jordy Roberts

Lindsey Ward La Rocco

Ryan Rolando

Mandy Rutherford

Valerie Rutherford

Martha Ryden

Peter Samuels

David Sawyer

Sonja Schmidt

Audrey Schroeder

Taylor Scott

Sheena Shahangian

Noah Shaye

Marni Shindelman

Bridgette Sifton

Colleen Silky

Jack Silky

Sandy Silky

JT Simanski

Evan Simmons

Sarah Skelley

Lillian Smith

Tina Kalbus-Smith


Tracy Stevenson

Jaicob Stewart

Joseph Strickland

Danielle Sychterz

Maureen Sychterz

Morgan Taylor

Mekisha Telfer

Elizabeth Vogan

Heather Wall

Lynn Wallace

Amanda Watson

Richard Webb

Stacey Weigert

Katherine Wetzel

Merle Worsham

Chandler Wright

Nick Zahn